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    True Essentials for A Successful Long-haul Flight with A Toddler

    We have finally started our long-awaited immigration  journey to New Zealand. On our way there we decided to travel around the South American continent for six months. The first part of our journey involved travelling for more than 24 hours from Johannesburg, South Africa to Santiago, Chile. We flew for 11 hours from Johannesburg to Sao Paulo, Brazil. After the stopover we flew for another five hours to Santiago, Chile. Our toddler appeared to take to long-haul travel like a duck to water. I had put a lot of thought and planning into our travel plans. I’m sharing with you what I did to ensure a successful long-haul flight with…

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    More with Less Thanks to KEEDO

      Keedo International wins hands down as my brand of choice with my toddler’s wardrobe as we prepare for our travels to South America. Preparing to emigrate takes on a completely different definition when it comes to getting things ready for a toddler. I have emigrated by myself before, so I do know that failing to prepare is preparing to fail. This can only be 100% more true when it comes to preparing for our children. HERE’S WHY KEEDO WORKS BEST FOR ME   I CAN WASH THE LIVING DAYLIGHTS OUT OF THEIR GARMENTS.   Thanks to the great quality, the little clothes always survive my laundry habits. My daughter has…

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    10 Reasons Why My Child Doesn’t Wear Flip Flops

    Flip flops are cute and affordable. However, there are reasons why my daughter doesn’t wear flip flops. I have learnt that developing my child’s feet properly is vitally important. Healthy feet development is just as it is important as it is for her to get sufficient sleep or to breathe through her nose instead of her mouth. Here are some of the reasons why my child doesn’t wear flip flops: My child’s nervous system is still developing. Therefore, she wears a sandal with a sole that supports sensory development for balance. My child’s feet make up the entire foundation of her posture. The big toe is vital for development of the arch…

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    Your Child’s Healthy Feet Development

    Things I Didn’t Know About Developing My Child’s Feet Properly As my child was learning to walk I found myself standing in a shop one day not knowing what to consider when buying a pair of shoes. I picked up a very cute pair of shoes that were right on trend. I was looking at how cute the shoe was and how relatively affordable it was. But then I thought that perhaps there could be more to it? A Song Came To Mind: “The hip bone’s connected to the back bone… The back bone’s connected to the neck bone… The neck bone’s connected to the head bone… Now shake dem skeleton…

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    Sandals for Gum Boots – We are Emigrating

    We are trading our sandals for gum boots. We are going to live in New Zealand. At the moment one can find us in our little home in South Africa frequently doing a happy dance. One can also often find me feeling sad. My husband and daughter are NZ citizens, so we were inevitably all going to be South African Kiwi’s one day. We just didn’t know when we would make the move. The time has come, and we are about four months away from boarding the plane. Making the choice I am well-travelled, and I have lived in three other countries, but I have never been to New Zealand.…

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    Blue Gum Country Estate – Review

    A little while ago I went to stay at the Blue Gum Country Estate to review their accommodation and service. Unlike traveling with a baby I was traveling to Cape Town on my own during that time. Since accommodation and food is not my main focus I arranged a collaboration with Chef Sue-Ann Allen. Sue-Ann presents the cook along show on SABC3 afternoon express. She is also a restaurant consultant and private chef. Since Blue Gum Country Estate make no apologies about food being a main drawcard to their estate I thought it would be the perfect collaboration opportunity for everyone involved. But please, do not compare my personal review to…

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    What is the “Blogging As A Business Workshop” About?

    Why I started the Blogging As A Business Workshop I started this workshop because I want to use the knowledge I have gained to empower my fellow bloggers. Since I started blogging, I frequently get private messages and questions from fellow bloggers and influencers on several topics relating to blogging. Mostly these are about how to respond to potential clients and how to reach out to brands. In addition, I get asked for advice when it comes to the negotiating part of blogging. I realized that there is a need for empowerment of people in this industry, other than from the activity in empowering people on “how to blog better”…

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    It is Vital for Babies to breathe through their nose

    The topic of nose breathing and mouth breathing is very close to home for me. Breathing through our mouth is not natural and it can become a terrible habit. This was the case for me as I became a habitual mouth breather. It affected my life in ways I did not even realize. I never knew that it was because of the way I breathe that I became a lip balm addict. My lips were constantly dry, I always needed something to drink. I got sick regularly and took a long time to recover, often ending up with secondary infections. I felt claustrophobic in confined spaces and battled to sleep…

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    Drowning really does happen quickly and quietly

    I have read so many times that drowning does not look like what we think it looks like and that it in fact happens quickly and quietly. I knew that a child who is busy drowning does not actually splash around and cry for help like the film industry makes us believe. It is however so different to experience this for yourself than to read about it. Before the incident The other day I was blessed with a huge gift from the Universe. I was in the right place at the right time. I was able to experience the feels about how drowning happens. I had the absolute privilege and…

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    The toxicity in the Blogging Industry is not serving you.

    Guys, if you don’t know about the current nastiness that’s going on, please don’t even read this post. Please. Shut your laptop, close this tab on your phone and please drift into your weekend with blissful unawareness.   Whether you are a blogger or a keen reader, do not be entertained by the negativity that is so much closer to home. Guys, we’re better off binge watching the Kardashian shows if we enjoy the drama. The South African blogging drama is without any doubt distracting us from our positive and uplifting tasks at hand. Do not allow the negative nellies and those who are cheering them on with their support…


I am Laetitia Corder, but many people call me Tish. I was born in South Africa. I’ve lived in four countries and I seem to be adding to that number quite rapidly.

I love my coffee. I am a Gin enthusiast and I won’t say no to a decent glass of red wine.

I have been blogging full time since June 2017.

My biggest inspiration comes from fellow moms, my readers and the partners I have chosen to collaborate with.

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