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I am Laetitia Corder, but many people call me Tish. I was born in South Africa. I’ve lived in four countries and I seem to be adding to that number quite rapidly.

I believe that love and gratitude are the most powerful phenomenons within and around us.

I think that the Universe is always for us if we can allow it to work for us. We just need to quiet some of the thoughts in our own minds.

I am a Self-Love advocate. I know that I can honour divinity in everyone, but only once I have properly secured my own oxygen mask first. To me, people are all so different and that is exactly what makes us all the same.

I love my coffee. I am a Gin enthusiast and I won’t say no to a decent glass of red wine.

My favourite thing to do in this world is to read a book, a real printed book. I like realness. My favourite book is The Afterlife of Billy Fingers by Annie Kagan.

My Professional Profile

I am not so keen on labels, but I happen to be a Marketing Manager. I have over 20 years of experience in Sales, Marketing and Business Development, most of which I gained in the plumbing industry.

I also worked in the digital publishing world in the medical industry. It was there that I developed a deep passion for Medicine and Paediatrics.


I am currently studying to become a Cognitive Behavioral Therapist and I am a permanent student at the University of Life.

I absolutely love business and my head is usually clouded in a thick layer of creative mist.

I have been blogging full time since June 2017. The blogger who has made the biggest impact on me is New York Times Bestselling Author Mark Manson.

My biggest inspiration for my own blog comes from fellow moms, my readers and the partners I have chosen to collaborate with.


My Family

My husband is Ian Corder. He is lighthearted and so much fun. He is often my voice of reason and if we have ever been sensible in anything it was probably due to his influence. If there was ever a time that we have done ‘life’ in a way that might somehow resemble the guidelines of how ‘society’ does things, then it was definitely down to him.

He knows how to help me to slow down when I need it and how to support me in speeding something up. He is a whole person who compliments the whole of me. We often feel like we are still dreaming because we are not better halves to each other, but rather individuals who are playing together in the amusement park that we call life.

When Ian met me, he said I was simple like quantum physics. When he introduces me to people he will often say, “Tish will tell you what others are only thinking.”

I can never be sure if he means that as a fun way to break the ice, a friendly warning to people who don’t know me, or if it’s just his way of protecting me in a potential situation where my lack of social filter can let me down. I prefer not to know at any given time. Ian is interesting to me.

Our amazing daughter is Sidney Corder. She goes by many names and most of you have gotten to know her as Poppet through reading my blog and following our adventures on Social Media. She is my greatest teacher and so perfectly capable of pushing all my buttons, the buttons that I need pushed for me to constantly grow.

I’m often insecure and feeling like I’m screwing up on the Parenting Gig to my little human.

However, I am overwhelmed by gratitude on a daily basis for the opportunity to play the role of “mother” to the most precious little girl.

With Love and Gratitude,

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