Brand Loyalty (and what that means to us)
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Brand Loyalty (and what that means to us at Poppet Patch)

We’ve been asked by Poppet Patch Fans to further highlight the subject of SLS following the post we published which gained momentum very quickly after I hit that Publish Button.

Instead, I have chosen to highlight what Brand Loyalty means to me and where this lies in my priorities and personal value system.

Brand loyalty – what it means to Poppet Patch

Loyalty in all areas of my life was very high on the list of teachings I received from my parents. Loyalty to your partner, your family, loyalty to everything close to your heart and this includes loyalty towards one’s Trusted Brands.

Brand Loyalty (and what that means to us)I’m not personally attracted to any other brand, besides my preferred brand, even when the competitor products are running promotions or are on sale. I’d rather save on something else which I don’t give high priority to. It doesn’t even register with me when other products are on promotion because I know that MY BRAND rewards me too. My brands are also on sale at times, but more importantly, I have their consistency and I know what to expect.

What is brand loyalty?

I’m an avid fan of All Gold Tomato Sauce (as an example) and pay no attention to potential savings on Tomato Sauce, I’ve tried, but usually, end up highly disappointed and wasting money on an inferior brand. (Whilst living abroad at any point in time, my preferred tomato sauce brand is Heinz, a very close second to All Gold). Life is too short to be having kak tomato sauce. That is what I was taught. This is the way I was raised. One life, live it. Tomorrow I could be dead, and putting those extra cents that I’ve saved by purchasing certain inferior products into a retirement fund would add no value whatsoever. We live for now, whilst we are not stupid in planning for the future. Different people place the value system on the different products. Like a car battery. My dad believed that the only battery is a Willard battery, but for me personally, if my car is going in for a service and they replace the battery with a Sabat battery this has no effect on my emotional feeling towards car batteries. I couldn’t care less about the battery the mechanic chooses, as I place my trust in the professional who is in charge to help me to keep my car safe and on the road. I, therefore, make my savings on products that I couldn’t care less about.

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Do you ever compromise on brand loyalty?

We also end up making some compromises on our brand loyalty when we co-inhabit with loved ones. My choice of brand for Audio and Sound products is Sony. Sony Bravia TV and Sony sound system. My husband, however, is loyal to Samsung. We are loyal to my husband’s brand of choice for this subject and in other areas mine. It’s a balance and compromise.

Last week I learnt about SLS in cosmetic products for the first time when I attended a pharmaceutical meeting. This was highly embarrassing for me since I started working in pharmaceuticals in 2015 and have retained customers since then. How could I have been unaware of this chemical ingredient after all this time? I was sitting in that meeting with serious egg on my face. I am a South African parenting blogger and I am blogging about skincare for babies, skincare for moms/dads and here I am not knowing ANYTHING about this ingredient. I didn’t know the risks, the side effect and the benefits of what some people call the “toxin” of Sodium Lauryl Sulfate in all its other forms.

Skincare for my baby is right up there in my value system and passion. My daughter’s skin is highly sensitive, she is not allergic in any way but skin cancer is prevalent in her genes from both families and it is my parental duty to properly research and choose the right brands to protect her from the sun and all other “outside elements”.

From my personal research effort over just a few days, I have made the decision to avoid products containing SLS on my baby’s skin. The fact of the matter is that we at Poppet Patch are not ‘professional’ parents. We share our journey based on personal experience (and advice from the professionals) on this parenting blog and we continue to promote that parents do and use what works for THEM. Trust your gut. Not everyone is going to place the same value on the subject of SLS as we do. Some choose to place their values on the subject of Saving the Environment, or Animal Cruelty and testing instead.

The brand loyalty subject is so extremely personal in my opinion, all of us adding different values to the different subjects of what our brands promise us.

I am simply passionate about the subject of skincare, and that’s all that it is.

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Why do we choose to avoid products containing SLS?

Sodium Lauryl Sulfate is known to aggravate and irritate skin, especially sensitive skin. In the event that it does not irritate the skin, it’s properties still break down the skin barrier. Mostly without us even seeing/realizing this effect, it cannot be seen with the naked eye. When the skin barrier is slowly broken down while we are believing that it is “Gentle and Nourishes” we sometimes just end up buying more and more and more and more and more moisturizer to replenish the skin barrier. Often also believing that the skin is just so severely dry because it’s winter, or we have travelled to different altitudes or whatever we come to believe instead. I’ve certainly experienced this with different brands for my hand cream and often find myself feeling “addicted”, constantly needing to apply more and more.

What is the benefit of SLS?

Sodium Lauryl Sulfate is used to achieve the desired viscosity in products. It makes the product creamy and is highly effective as a cleansing agent to remove oily stains and residue. It also gives the product it’s ability to lather. Hand creams don’t lather, logically have a lower dose of the ingredient, but STILL ends up breaking down the skin barrier.

As with anything in my life I like to choose products based on a risk to reward ratio. Even a Panado or any other paracetamol has a side effect, but I choose to take two when I have a headache, based on the reward outweighing the risk.

I have not even gotten around to go through all our cosmetics and identify the ones containing SLS. I am not ready to do this as I have been believing the gentle and nourishing claims and promises and I feel very emotional about brand loyalty. I process these kinds of things in my own time and will do the spring clean when I feel ready. I’m feeling scared to do this as I am very, very loyal to my brands and I kinda fear that I will be “losing” some of my brands which is going to result in me searching for substitutes which I don’t yet trust. More trying and testing of products, ones that I don’t have a trusted “relationship” with. In all honesty, I love the lather of a product and do at times get slightly annoyed when the product does not give me my desired lather.

My Beloved MicroBeads Brand Loyalty (and what that means to us)

My husband (who places a higher value on the environment subject) has brought to my attention the effects that MicroBeads have on the environment and that most of these beads are cheap and not biodegradable. I’m talking about the little beads found in my toothpaste and some of my skincare products for my face. I love these beads and their effect of an emollient. I’m not ready to look into the matter and negative claims of microbeads as I am kinda attached to my brands. I guess it’s like the natural denial of when you know something is wrong but you desperately want to believe that it’s not.

I have many, many products that I use that contain MicroBeads. The brands themselves also have products in their range that do not contain MicroBeads, but still. If I do some research on the matter of Micro Beads and I end up “breaking up” with the beads although not the brand, I am going to miss these beads dearly. I don’t actually WANT to launch research on the subject of Micro Beads.

At the end of the day, everything we use or consume is going to kill us, none of us are coming out of this life alive. We simply “choose our poison”. Even foods that are labelled organic have permission by law to do so on certain requirements and definitions. An Organic label still does not mean that there aren’t any nasty things in there, to preserve the product or repel pesticides, and so forth.

Brand loyalty is a personal decision

Brands that we choose and end up sticking to is a highly personal choice in my opinion. People need to trust their own gut and way. Not only in Parenting but in all aspects of life.

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And lastly, people need to challenge their source more often. Don’t believe everything you read, that goes without saying in my personal opinion. “Fake News” was named the word of the year in 2016. More emphasis should be placed on challenging the source before accepting it as facts and then ultimately sharing it so far and wide. When your gut tells you that a winning and big-budget marketing campaign or a convincing promise from a manufacturer is a bit fishy, it usually is. Where there is smoke, there is usually fire.

With Love and Gratitude,


*Poppet Patch collaborates with a professional Paediatric Team to conclude research matters on Healthcare and Skincare.

*This is not a sponsored Blog Post

*The Poppet Patch Internal Team members are simply South African parenting bloggers and are not professionals in any subject relating to Lifestyle or Parenting. For all subjects such as Early Childhood Development, Nutrition and any other topic they rely on external expert advice, then they combine it with their personal journey and share.

*English is not the First Language of the Author.


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