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    What is the “Blogging As A Business Workshop” About?

    Why I started the Blogging As A Business Workshop I started this workshop because I want to use the knowledge I have gained to empower my fellow bloggers. Since I started blogging, I frequently get private messages and questions from fellow bloggers and influencers on several topics relating to blogging. Mostly these are about how to respond to potential clients and how to reach out to brands. In addition, I get asked for advice when it comes to the negotiating part of blogging. I realized that there is a need for empowerment of people in this industry, other than from the activity in empowering people on “how to blog better”…

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    The toxicity in the Blogging Industry is not serving you.

    Guys, if you don’t know about the current nastiness that’s going on, please don’t even read this post. Please. Shut your laptop, close this tab on your phone and please drift into your weekend with blissful unawareness.   Whether you are a blogger or a keen reader, do not be entertained by the negativity that is so much closer to home. Guys, we’re better off binge watching the Kardashian shows if we enjoy the drama. The South African blogging drama is without any doubt distracting us from our positive and uplifting tasks at hand. Do not allow the negative nellies and those who are cheering them on with their support…

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    Lessons I’ve learnt in One Year of Blogging

    My blog turns one year old on the 10th of June 2018. The past year has been the most rewarding, fulfilling, challenging and fun year I’ve had. These are some of the lessons I’ve learnt in one year of blogging Blogging is different to knitting For me, blogging could never be something as simple as a hobby. To me, blogging is a job like any other. I chose to continue to work after having a baby. “Blogging” is my job. Nothing in life is for free, not even in blogging If I was going to make the choice that content creation would not get in the way of me living my life,…

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    How do Bloggers and Public Figures really feel when recognized in public?

    How do we truly feel when people recognize us? Bloggers build an online community. We interact with our followers online. We share stories to inspire others. Some of us share pictures that have been taken from the inside of our bedrooms. On my own blog, there are posts that include very personal feelings and opinions that my followers relate to or draw inspiration from. READ MORE: Am I a mentally ill mom?  I have 36000+ followers in cyberspace. They are not 36k people physically sitting in a stadium and watching me. I am part of their online lives. Not their real lives. Our online lives transpire into real life, but…

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    Tips for photographing kids by Leigh Benson Photography

    People ask me for photography tips with kids, so it was time to pass some questions on your questions to Leigh and to get to know a bit more about Leigh Benson – the lady behind the lens in our professional kids photoshoots. I get asked what to look for in a photographer when one wants to invest in a professional shoot for the family and more specifically when you want to get good pictures of the uncontrollable, unpredictable and “Don’t tell me what to do” little ones. So here’s how to find the perfect photographer for kids photography: Firstly, don’t judge the photographer on technical skills only. One can…

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