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    True Essentials for A Successful Long-haul Flight with A Toddler

    We have finally started our long-awaited immigration  journey to New Zealand. On our way there we decided to travel around the South American continent for six months. The first part of our journey involved travelling for more than 24 hours from Johannesburg, South Africa to Santiago, Chile. We flew for 11 hours from Johannesburg to Sao Paulo, Brazil. After the stopover we flew for another five hours to Santiago, Chile. Our toddler appeared to take to long-haul travel like a duck to water. I had put a lot of thought and planning into our travel plans. I’m sharing with you what I did to ensure a successful long-haul flight with…

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    More with Less Thanks to KEEDO

      Keedo International wins hands down as my brand of choice with my toddler’s wardrobe as we prepare for our travels to South America. Preparing to emigrate takes on a completely different definition when it comes to getting things ready for a toddler. I have emigrated by myself before, so I do know that failing to prepare is preparing to fail. This can only be 100% more true when it comes to preparing for our children. HERE’S WHY KEEDO WORKS BEST FOR ME   I CAN WASH THE LIVING DAYLIGHTS OUT OF THEIR GARMENTS.   Thanks to the great quality, the little clothes always survive my laundry habits. My daughter has…

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    Sandals for Gum Boots – We are Emigrating

    We are trading our sandals for gum boots. We are going to live in New Zealand. At the moment one can find us in our little home in South Africa frequently doing a happy dance. One can also often find me feeling sad. My husband and daughter are NZ citizens, so we were inevitably all going to be South African Kiwi’s one day. We just didn’t know when we would make the move. The time has come, and we are about four months away from boarding the plane. Making the choice I am well-travelled, and I have lived in three other countries, but I have never been to New Zealand.…

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    We’re going to be grandparents!

    Yes, me. I’m going to be a grandma. Not a biological grandmother, but a grandmother nevertheless. A step-grandmother. This is the most exciting news we had in our family last year! My husband Ian’s oldest son and his partner are having a baby, due in April. We’re going to be grandparents! Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would join a husband in the title of grandparents at the tender age of 34. I mean I knew from experience that relationships with guys my own age never worked out. It wasn’t quite fair to expect younger fellas to cope with my questioning mind and unorthodox way of life.…

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