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    The Best Parenting Advice I Ever Got

    To be very honest the best parenting advice I ever got wasn’t given to me. I overheard it. So, the Best Parenting Advice I Ever Got… I was only a teenager, sixteen years old. This piece of parenting advice came from my very own mom. I was a rather troubled teenager, I believe most teenagers are troubled. Teens are turning into proper people and it’s a challenge for most of them. There was also some exceptional trauma surrounding my teenage years. My mom has the gift of raising and treating her three kids very individually to a certain extent. She used to be a teacher and she knows a few…

  • playdates for toddlers
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    Why are Playdates important for Babies and Toddlers?

    In this article, I’m sharing my take on playdates for babies and toddlers and how I have approached this topic since Poppet was born. I also interviewed Sr Lilian for some advice on things like toddlers who bite us and each other. READ MORE: World Prematurity Day, Purple for Preemies Playdates For Babies and Toddlers – why is this important? Infants don’t really play but they do look around and learn I dedicated a whole lot of energy to mom and baby classes when Poppet was tiny with the purpose of exposing her to as many different things as possible. We started going for Hydrotherapy sessions when she was 12 weeks…

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    Kids Birthday Parties and Party Packs

    I was going to write a post about this shortly after Poppet’s first birthday, but I decided to wait a while. She’s already turning two in July but hey, it’s never too late to strike up a ‘conversation’ with you guys on the topic of birthdays and parties. Is anyone even still interested in discussing kids birthday parties? It seems this topic has become somewhat controversial. How much effort or fuss goes into planning kids birthday parties? I’m not going to share too many of my thoughts on the big deal or the not so big a deal about kid’s parties. There are hundreds of articles from all angles that…

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    Tips for photographing kids by Leigh Benson Photography

    People ask me for photography tips with kids, so it was time to pass some questions on your questions to Leigh and to get to know a bit more about Leigh Benson – the lady behind the lens in our professional kids photoshoots. I get asked what to look for in a photographer when one wants to invest in a professional shoot for the family and more specifically when you want to get good pictures of the uncontrollable, unpredictable and “Don’t tell me what to do” little ones. So here’s how to find the perfect photographer for kids photography: Firstly, don’t judge the photographer on technical skills only. One can…

  • Premature
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    World Prematurity Day, Purple for Preemies

    In support of World Prematurity Day, we aim to raise awareness for both premature babies and their parents. I’m sharing some of our story of when Poppet was born a month early. I also give details about how you can show your support in the #purpleforpreemies campaign. World Prematurity Day Together we can make a difference in the lives of preemies all over South Africa. When I look at our healthy 1-year-old baby girl today, it’s impossible to believe that she was born a month early with pneumonia. Well, maybe it’s impossible for others!   Her birth story and illness is really something that only we experienced for ourselves, I…

  • Feeding your baby... what works and what doesn't?
    Parenting & Paediatrics

    Feeding your baby… what works and what doesn’t?

    Feeding your baby and deciding between the different baby feeding products… when there are so many out there, can be overwhelming… What works for us and what doesn’t. I must confess that I can feel very overwhelmed by the number of feeding products on the market. In the nature of my job, I do my research on topics that I’m passionate about. From the good old fashioned to the latest trending and gimmicky things. My views are objective and when I launch the research I do it because I want to know, I want to really understand. I want to understand the benefits, the disadvantages. I want to know where…

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    How to make your baby sleep through the night

    It’s finally here due to popular demand…the road to getting a full night’s sleep by making your baby sleep through the night. Who doesn’t need that? Now the first question is; has this recipe really been tried and tested all over the world? Yes, it has, for centuries. We have simply added some optional methods and products that have made this sleeping through the night business a WHOLE lot easier, for us and many others anyway. Babies and toddlers are the most curious, daring and brave little creatures AND the MOST teachable creatures on the planet. If you are one of those who firmly believe that because babies are different,…

  • Baby number 2
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    Baby Number 2 – the relationship between fear and desire

    BABY NUMBER 2… The relationship between fear and desire. I’ve been feeling so terribly hesitant to talk (write) about this personal journey of ours in public. My husband and I laugh, joke, talk, cry about this often lately. I recently spoke to my colleague Mikaila Tutt about the situation I find myself in. It seems many people can relate to my issues in one way or another.

  • Open Letter To my Daughter on her 1st Birthday
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    Open Letter To my Daughter on her 1st Birthday

    Open Letter To my Daughter on your 1st Birthday My Dearest Sidney Grace, (Open letter from a Struggling Artist)   When this post comes up in my Facebook memories when you are an adult I sincerely hope that I will be here to share it with you.   Please know that you don’t need anybody’s approval in life. Nobody except one person. And one person alone. That one person is you yourself. You are not here to please people, be liked by people. What other people think of you is none of your business but more importantly, it’s completely insignificant to the happiness and successes of your life. You will…

  • Travelling with Babies - What to pack when travelling with a baby
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    Travelling with Babies – What to pack when travelling with a baby

    Travelling with babies is so different for everyone. Some just pack a bag with a few items in it in 5 minutes flat, put the baby in the car and off they go. Not me. We travel often, I don’t cope well with quick packing, or travelling light. I believe that the species called Mother is so tired due to the number of decisions she makes without her even noticing it. When we make decisions, there is an action taking place between nerve endings in our brains. Nerves that don’t touch each other but rather rely on other excretions to do the “communication” in the physical anatomy of the brain.…

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