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My kid is a bit “different”, in a good way.

I understand this post is going to be a bit outlandish but, I feel I want to share it.

I feel like it’s in the utmost interest of my child, maybe it’s even a little bit defensive.


Just so you know, this was one of those posts that I wasn’t going to share in public but it felt a bit uncanny when I just read that today is International Left Handers Day. That unsettling feeling was my final motivation to share.


This morning a Facebook memory came up where my daughter was building blocks, one year ago, ONE HUNDRED PERCENT ambidextrous, absolutely no favour to her right or left hand.

Hundreds of years ago there was huge stigma around left handed people and an ambidextrous preference. It was considered “wrong”. These people have also been associated with talent, intelligence and genius. In neuroscience they outperform others with logical and mathematical equations. But for some of them, their brilliance comes at a huge cost. These people are most often misunderstood.

This morning, one year later, I carefully observed my same child that was building her blocks into a structure that was somewhat beyond her year (s) and I noticed something else….

She had taken her zebra puzzle to the zebra painting where the zebra’s stripes are blue and yellow instead of black and white.

I want to record today as the first time I suspected that my child is a synesthete. Synesthesia is not a disease. It is not a mental illness. People with this gift experience heightened senses and their senses aren’t always experienced separately – for example, the number 5 could also always be the colour red to them. They can smell a colour or see a scent.

Now, before you get alarmed and think that I’ve entered an episode of mania, here’s the thing.

When I was pregnant I felt that there was something different about my unborn baby.

I’m always open to “different” things that are often frowned upon and this, by the way, is not really something I speak about.

During pregnancy it was important to me to have my chakras aligned regularly and follow the specific diet that my body needed – I went for microscopic blood analysis once a week to check which nutrition my baby needed most.

That, and a whole lot of other outlandish things.

Living with a genetic mental health challenge myself, I knew that my child had 10 – 30% chance of a genetic chemical imbalance – This was my motivation to give her the best energetic treatment possible whilst she was still in utero.

On the 26th of September 2016, I instinctively felt for the first time that my child has the ability to use her “third eye” and I shared a picture of it on Instagram, before I even started my blog.

I have recently started studying her numbers and consulted a Numerologist.

The findings from these efforts confirmed that all my gut feelings may very well be true. She has plenty of sevens and nines in her charts and these numbers in individuals signify genius and psychic abilities if they choose to follow those inherent talents.

These kinds of babies and children are super sensitive to their surroundings and the energies that they are exposed to. They can easily take on other people’s negativity if they are not somewhat sheltered from it by their parents. These kids are ALL about love, people are naturally attracted to their company. They are like little sponges.

A very big disadvantage that these kids have is that they are too often labelled with the convenient diagnosis of things like ADHD.

I understand very well that kids who battle to conform can disrupt classrooms, question the lessons from teachers and generally come across as “problem children”.

Most kids don’t like to be shoved into a box, let alone brilliant kids.

Today I want to note that my kid is growing up with all the boundaries, discipline, routine and safety possible to develop her as a balanced, happy and loved kid.

If there is ever going to be a day when some authoritative person wants to pump my kid full of drugs for alleged attention deficit, we are going to have to strategize this matter very carefully, together.


Because whoever you may be, I’m telling you today, on the 13th of August 2018 that I already know my kid is different.

It is my intention to keep her this way.


I understand and respect the responsibilities of authorities in creating society sheep.

Please respect my responsibility too.


I could be terribly wrong about all of this but;

I don’t want to become too consumed by raising a great kid because I don’t want to forget that I already have one.


With Love and Gratitude,



  • Michelle

    I love this!
    I completely agree with you. I’ve seen videos of Poppet and I too can see that she is different.
    She reminds me so much of my Dan.
    I have always known that my son was different. He is so unique and aware in everything that he does. He is able to understand and interprete so much more than I ever imagined at this age. I hate comparing him to other kids because I know they are all different, but when I do I can’t help but notice how special he is. I can’t even describe it but I just know.
    Thank you for such an inspiring blog.

    • Laetitia Corder

      Thank you so much for your comment, Michelle. This makes me feel comforted and makes me feel a sense of (a glimmer) of acceptance of my very special child. The stigma and misunderstanding of children like ours is something that we need to raise plenty of awareness for.

  • Michelle

    I loved this!
    I completely agree with you – I’ve watched videos of Poppet and I also think she is different.
    I have always thought that my child is different – a good kind of different. He is so unique and is able to understand so much more that I ever thought he would at this age. I hate to compare him to other kids because I know all kids are different, but when I do, I see something so special. I don’t think I can even explain it – I just know.
    Thank you for such an inspiring blog.

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