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Our DIY 2nd Birthday Party

This year I decided to do Poppet’s 2nd birthday party by myself, with my husband’s help.

It was very different to last year in the sense that I wasn’t recovering from surgery at my child’s birthday party. I felt I could do a whole lot more by myself this year.

I chose not to accept any “freebies” or sponsorship because I felt that I didn’t have the capacity to promote anything. We just wanted an ordinary but special birthday party and that is exactly what we created.

The Theme

Poppet has been besotted with Barney for some time now and there was no other theme more logical theme to go with than Barney. I did consider repeating the Peter Rabbit theme from her 1st Birthday party and every other party, but I put my own obsession aside and chose Barney.

The School Birthday Party

My little Poppet had a party at school. I did cupcakes and that was it. No party packs, no décor, just cupcakes.

My husband is the baker in our home and if he wasn’t a keen baker I wouldn’t ordinarily bother with baking myself, I’d rather buy from the bakery. This time round I wanted to bake so I baked the cupcakes myself. They were in fact iced muffins. It’s a muffin mix that I buy in a packet. It’s so easy, you just add eggs, oil and water and bake them. I then iced them and stuck a Barney picture on top.

I had edible pictures of Barney printed at a baking shop and I sent the cupcakes to school with two candles and a lighter.

Her teacher added a banner, balloons and a crown, which I was unaware of before the time.

She sent me pictures and it made my heart so happy. I don’t really think there’s anything in this world that makes me feel as happy as seeing happy children.

The Party for Friends and Family

The Venue

We decided to go to a venue that offers a great play area for the kids and has good food and an alcohol license for the adults.

The Food

I baked a fresh batch of the same packet muffins and dressed them up as cupcakes again. We offered champagne, orange juice and mineral water as well. Everyone paid for their own breakfast.

The Décor and Activities

All the Barney paper plates, paper cups, hats and serviettes for the kids were store bought.

I copied a Barney picture from a colouring book for each kid, put crayons in the paper cups, and put some Barney stickers on the table.

For the party packs for this very DIY 2nd birthday party, I bought little buckets and we printed our own stickers to decorate them. I chose three free print ready sticker designs from Pinterest and used these to decorate the party packs and the water bottles.

For the adults I used a mix of green, purple and yellow serviettes to put in the champagne glasses. I bought 12 regular balloons and three special balloons. The regular balloons were for the kid’s area and the special ones I put along the adult table.

I had one string of tissue paper balls hanging from a tree.

Party Packs and Water Bottles

We printed our own stickers for these.

For the contents of our packs I only did three things: a packet of Flings with either Raisins or Berry Gemz and a mini tub of Play-Doh.

It was simple and a whole lot of fun!

Just like last year, printing our own things was my top mom-hack for our 2nd birthday party. Probably even more so because even the baking shop printed the décor for my cupcakes, so as usual printing for the win in the Corder home.

I saved myself a whole lot of time and effort by buying ready-made décor items like the Barney paper plates and serviettes. As I mentioned last time, the whole kids table is generally a waste for me. It feels like they never sit there. The colouring picture and crayons were great for us, most kids enjoyed it and it made the kids table feel more useful.

You can read about my some of my personal tips for kid’s parties and a 1st Birthday Party here.

With Love and Gratitude,


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