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Stupid Things I said Before I became a Parent…

I probably said many other stupid things before I became a parent myself. I didn’t think that I would ever be a parent because I’ve suffered multiple brain injuries and a near death experience. So, I assumed it was “just not ever going to be possible”, you know.

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Before I Became A Parent

I was a “Part-time young and care-fee, seriously keen party animal” and a “Part-time very responsible co-parent”.

Here are some of the stupid things I said before I became a parent:

1.) Barney the purple dinosaur would be banned in my house.

Him, along with many other popular characters.
Nothing irritated me more than Barney’s stupid songs, his dancing and his beautifully loving message. I mean seriously? Let’s go party. That message goes without saying! Is it necessary to sing that stuff on repeat all the time?
Let’s laugh about that because now I get it.

Barney is super welcome in our home now. Once I actually had a child of my own I did a lot of research about which characters I would like to introduce my child to and when I would like to expose her to them. My absolute best source of information about screen time was a book called The Cyber Effect by Dr Mary Aiken.
Poppet loves her singing Barney Plush Toy and she enjoyed Barney so much when she saw him live on stage at the Mama Magic expo.

More about Barney, Screen Time and The Power of Imagination in collaboration with Dr Paul Bushell later.

2.) Why do my older friends with kids always only have full cream milk in their house?

I need low fat milk in my coffee, you know. Copious amounts of alcohol is essentially part of the corporate work-life I live in. This lifestyle of mine cannot accommodate full cream milk!
Let’s just laugh out loud about the milk right now!

After I Was Knocked Up

Once my husband had very successfully and quickly knocked me up while it was “impossible”, these are a few of the things I said:

1.) I will have a healthy child.

I might write about my rather different pregnancy journey and all the things I did wrong. It’s a daunting thing to write about because some of the stuff is very “wrong”, weird and extremely frowned upon.
My child is healthy. I believed this would be true.

2.) My child will eat what she is given or go without. She will eat a balanced diet.

True. I believed. I started manifesting that behaviour since she was 24 weeks old. I have raised and am still busy raising a non-fussy eater. I didn’t want to be the mom who presents five different meal options and throw it all in the bin along with six half eaten apples. Of course, there is food my child doesn’t like and that’s fine. We all have the right to dislike certain foods. She can choose all those foods when she’s old enough. It is my responsibility to nourish her at this age. If she doesn’t want to eat carrots today, she drinks them, freshly juiced, mixed with orange and pineapple or whatever. I trick her sometimes, sorry girl.

We believe that balance is the secret to a sustainable lifestyle. She eats cake and ice cream when the time is right, but she mostly chooses healthy options and she loves nutritious food. You can see she doesn’t go hungry. At meal times at home she doesn’t have options. I researched this before I started, no child has starved themselves to death and it only took a few days to get her to understand the concept. Follow us on Instagram #WhatsPoppetEating or read more about feeding your baby here.

3.) My child will sleep through the night, in the privacy of her own room.

She does. I didn’t expect it to happen so soon, but she does.
She hasn’t moved into a big girl bed yet, but she also hasn’t grown up with any bedtime fighting routines. Let’s see how it goes when the time comes. For now, I’m not anticipating or manifesting any problems for myself when it comes to the big bed. My child has grown up with a positive attitude towards sleeping. She loves her day time naps too.

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4.) I will be present for my child and she will grow up with love in abundance. She won’t be demanding or throw a tantrum at every corner.

However little time I have to give, it will be quality time that is present in the now.
True. She is not a maliciously demanding child. I believed it. I’ve been practicing presence.
If I pick her up from school and I literally only have two minutes to spend with her at home before her nap, I give 100% of myself in those two minutes. Pure, undivided and quality attention. We could be singing and jumping up and down in her bedroom and when I ask her if she’s ready to sleep, she will nod her head in the affirmative direction and tell me: “sleep”. She will hug and kiss me, ask for her soft toys and then wave goodbye before I leave her room.

The only constant is change. I don’t know how any of these things may change in the future but the future is not really important, nor guaranteed. It’s what we do right now that matters. Our power is in the present moment. The really stupid thing to do is to try and predict how things are going to be when we can in fact choose how we want them to be. We can also choose how we react to the way things have become.

This post is to be continued. I will be speaking a bit more about my personal view on the benefits and disadvantages of screen time. I will also be chatting a little bit more about Barney the dinosaur. In the meantime, I am shopping for kids’ DVDs. If you would like to share, please let me know about some of the favourites in your home or the shows that your kids would personally recommend?

With Love and Gratitude,

*This is not a sponsored blog post.
*We were treated to our experience at the Mama Magic Expo. Our Barney toys were given to us and I am working in collaboration with Barney on a campaign to follow. All views and opinions are my own.


Did you know?

I was eighteen years old in the featured image of this post. I was very unhappy with the size of my breasts. I had a breast reduction at the age of 25. It’s one of the very best things I ever did for myself and I’ve never regretted it.


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