The toxicity in the Blogging Industry is not serving you.

Guys, if you don’t know about the current nastiness that’s going on, please don’t even read this post. Please. Shut your laptop, close this tab on your phone and please drift into your weekend with blissful unawareness.


Whether you are a blogger or a keen reader, do not be entertained by the negativity that is so much closer to home. Guys, we’re better off binge watching the Kardashian shows if we enjoy the drama.

The South African blogging drama is without any doubt distracting us from our positive and uplifting tasks at hand.

Do not allow the negative nellies and those who are cheering them on with their support drag you into this.


Lately, (not only lately), there have been bloggers accusing each other of buying followers. There have been bloggers who get involved in Influencer Campaigns from the brand’s side, bloggers getting nasty about what other bloggers call themselves. Bloggers getting nasty about whether blogs are still relevant and being read at all. And so much more.


I mean really, there are tweets and statements out there along the lines of “Proper Influencers don’t need to call themselves that” and all sorts of bullshit, you guys. But why? What for? Who does this benefit if we make a public statement like that?

For me, when people put out negative statements like that, and when people support negative statements like that, it tells me more about them and their internal struggles than anybody else.

Some useless information; I live in a creative bubble and somewhat under a rock. It really helps me to know more about someone when they call themselves a blogger, influencer or public figure. Because, unless you are Oprah or Roger Federer it is very likely that I am not going to know that you are a public figure when I meet you in person.

And, many public figures I have met have introduced themselves to me in a humble manner as if I have never seen them before, even when I knew exactly who they were. Those are the people who have a true sense of perspective. For me, it is often the case that public figures and Influencers who call themselves those names understand that not everyone lives in their world.


I get contacted about these blogger’s “disputes” but guys, I’m not interested in commenting, okay?


As far as fake followers go, I don’t want to engage. I don’t care if other people have bought followers. It does not serve me to get involved in the drama. I don’t want to read about it anymore. I don’t want to watch anything about it anymore. I’m trying hard to eradicate it out of my own life. In the big wide world, these issues will never go away, but in my world it is not welcome.


I see all this shit going on online and it ropes me in like a drug that I need to resist. Last night I was tempted to go into multiple programs and calculate my follower health and all sorts of things at the wrong time. It almost dragged me away from my family time.

But also, the question is why on earth to do this?

I have multiple programs installed (that I had to pay money for) that tell me an overwhelming amount of information. The question is how do these programs calculate all the figures? And most of the figures are bullshit. I get different figures from respective programs and some of the same figures come free with software included from Facebook and the social giants. They tell me things like best time to post, engagement rates and a list of figures that are too long to even include in this blog post. These programs calculate figures with coding. I have spent days on end calculating averages from respective programs. I have spent days on end calculating figures manually, post by post. I have paid people to do these calculations for me! Why am I wasting money like this? Why?

Most brands “know more about me than I know about myself” when they reach out to me or don’t reach out to me.

Why, ffs, am I wasting my valuable time.


This morning Instagram has mistaken me for a bot. I am a real person. Instagram, your code is not perfect but I think you know that.

Instagram has questioned me as a real person because I have been unliking almost my entire list of people I follow. I’m doing it so quickly that the code is picking up irregularity, so they think I’m a bot. That’s fine. Who knows how this code is connected to the other codes? Who knows how this action is going to affect my stats. I don’t care, guys. I’m currently over all the negativity and utter bullshit in this industry.

I’m currently questioning whether I even want to be in this industry at all.


I don’t really understand why all this drags me into a dark pit.

Why do I feel temptation to check out “follower health” and more and more and more stats about myself?

Why oh why for man alive? It’s beyond me.


I know I have not bought one follower.

I know I am happy with my engagement rate.

I know I constantly strive to improve myself.

I know that brands won’t contact me if they think my blog and figures don’t fit them.

I know a brand will reject my pitch if they don’t like what they see.


Guys, drama sells. For good reason. We see this in film and television industry.

It is a psychology topic in itself.


Today I am asking you:

Please don’t tell me who did what. I prefer to honour the divine in everyone, love the good in everyone and respect that good people do bad things against better judgement.

Please don’t rope me into the gossip. I am human and you are tempting me.

Please stop it.

It is affecting my mental health and taking my eye off the ball.

I am busy with positive things.

Leave me to do my thing, please.


I don’t know if this is going to have any impact but guys, we’re much better off hopping onto YouTube and following a guided meditation than reading posts and watching videos about all this negativity.


Stay focused on your own journey.

Stay focused on your positive vibes.


With Love and Gratitude,



P.S I’m not linking back to any other posts. I don’t care about SEO or anything else to do with blogging today. Today I am going to try and focus on things that serve me and while I know that blogging does, it certainly does not feel that way today.

Quote of the day:

And by the way, this is just one of the ways we rise. Don’t discount the good in others when they have momentarily been off their game.


  • Caryn Felix

    It’s as if you ran into my brain and wrote out all the stuff I have been thinking hahaha gosh so much nonsense and why because people are purely jealous. That is all. Write because you enjoy it not because you want free shit.

    • Laetitia Corder

      Thanks for your comment, Caryn. It pains me deeply that there is such a lack of love, gratitude, empowerment and respect in this industry. Personally, I don’t mind if people write for free shit, for themselves, for money or for whatever. It just gets me into a place of darkness when people don’t respect the rights and thoughts of others. In fact, it’s fine if they can’t get themselves to such a place of love either. But, lashing out in public from a negative place is unnecessary in my opinion. It serves no purpose.

  • Karen at MomAgain@40

    Ditto! ????????Even I was trying to check out my followers and engagement ???? Most of the times I am just over-the-moon happy when I see someone saw my post. I am doing this for myself. Good luck to all of you who are doing this as a job.
    You are spot on. If you keep on doing and focusing on the right things, you don’t have to focus on the negative. By the way! You are doing it right! ????????

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