What is the “Blogging As A Business Workshop” About?

Why I started the Blogging As A Business Workshop

I started this workshop because I want to use the knowledge I have gained to empower my fellow bloggers. Since I started blogging, I frequently get private messages and questions from fellow bloggers and influencers on several topics relating to blogging. Mostly these are about how to respond to potential clients and how to reach out to brands. In addition, I get asked for advice when it comes to the negotiating part of blogging.

I realized that there is a need for empowerment of people in this industry, other than from the activity in empowering people on “how to blog better” and “how to start a blog”.

It benefits me to answer these questions at once and to answer more people at the same time. More importantly, it benefits me by contributing to uplifting the industry.

From a monetizing point of view in most industries, we can often only mature as the industry matures. It works on supply and demand.

My History and Industry Experience

Sales, Marketing, Business Development, PR and Publishing Experience

I have 18 years of experience in sales. I learnt many valuable sales lessons while working as a waitress when I was still in school. When I personally recommend and sell a bottle of wine quickly enough, the party will order a second bottle by the time their food arrives. This strategy may lead to the ordering of other drinks and shooters at the end of the evening and it may also leave my guests open to my suggestions of what to eat. That leads to increasing the amount they spend and adding value to their experience. It increases what I earn and everybody wins.

Moving forward, I qualified in Marketing Management. I worked in the corporate plumbing industry in Business Development for 10 years and contributed to very successfully launching an International plumbing brand in Africa. I went on to work on increasing the brand’s market share in the Middle East and then to help launch their point of sale, and trained staff and professionals in Nairobi.

In 2014 I joined SA Media Holdings in the Medical Division as a Key Accounts Manager in advertising. There I gained an understanding of digital publishing outside of the social media realm. I gained experience in working with massive pharma and the huge gap in traditional PR. I got some perspective and insight into the misunderstandings we face in traditional publishing and the relatively new kid on the block, Influencer Marketing.

Life Happens

My husband successfully knocked me up and I resigned four months before our baby was due. I registered my company and started trading with a corporate name before I changed it to Poppet Patch.

I made a few other funny mistakes along the way. You can read about how my business was born in the Letter to my Daughter on her First Birthday.

In 2017 I attended a conference in New York to learn more about Influencer Marketing.

In my Blogging As A Business Workshop, I don’t have any of the right answers. I only have my own answers and opinions. I am currently attending the University of Life and my aim is to learn from you too. By answering each other’s questions and listening to others we enrich ourselves. Some say that in life we teach what we most need to learn. I clearly have a lot to learn about Business, Blogging, Parenting, and Medicine.

Blogging Experience

I am not officially a seasoned blogger.

When I was a little girl and still writing with a pencil in school I decided that I didn’t need anybody else to give me my pen license. I wrote with crayons, pens, pencils, highlighters and sharpies and was not afraid of making mistakes. The paper I used to write on was diverse. I found all different kinds of paper to write on, I especially loved recycling scrap paper, scrunching it up, staining it with colours and coffee, ironing it straight again and writing on it. I would punch holes in my written papers and tie them together with those old school little stringy things that used to be on standard office stationery supplies lists. Those were the books that I wrote, and I was very proud of them.

I wrote in a diary every day and I would read it out loud to everyone in my family and anyone else who would listen. That was my whole wide world and the world wide web as I knew it.

I used to take printed pictures and lay them out underneath glass tables and desks, for my world to see. I made albums and scrapbooks. My friends and boyfriends were very often at the receiving end of long letters. My dad became the main recipient of my writing via email when I went through the most difficult times in my life. I myself was an open book ever since I can remember. I’ve always told my own stories out loud to help me make sense of my own life.

My Life Is An Open Book That I Write

I started using social media and Microsoft Word to document and write when I was in my early twenties. From the minute I joined the social networks, I was an over-sharer.

I am a keen business woman. However, I am also an artist with my head in the clouds. This presents a challenge at the best of times.

While working in the corporate industry clients sometimes complained that my emails were too long or difficult to read.

There were times that I would find myself on a building site, unable to resist the opportunity to take a picture of a breath-taking moment on a roof while doing a drainage design. I recorded challenging designs and created albums of the progress of construction for the soccer stadiums. I kept diaries of mundane things like the progress of the grass, as it was coming to life, blissfully unaware of the fact that it would become the foundation of support to international sports stars. I was always documenting, even when I was strategizing and executing campaigns.

Life Happens

When my daughter was born in 2016 we went through some complications and it led me to documenting a whole lot of things on the social networks due to my speech impairment at the time.

Thanks to my business experience I spotted opportunities. I noticed that there were brands featured in most of the posts. Despite the hardships I carried on relentlessly and launched my website on 10th of June 2017.
I have one year of official blogging experience. One. You can have a look at some of the lessons I learnt in my first year over here.

The Workshop Itself

The Blogging As A Business Workshop does not give any tips on how to achieve better results for your blog with engagement and reach, etc. You can find other blogging workshops for that.

This workshop starts off with a bit of insight into Business and the Influencer Marketing Industry. It flows into questions on the screen that have been sent to me privately. Questions are displayed anonymously, and I answer them. Sometimes other people give their opinions to add to the value of the outcome. It becomes an interactive discussion where people learn from each other’s respective experiences. It’s a brainstorming session and offers a whole lot of new ideas and insights that we come up with for ourselves.

At this stage the workshop is still free. I’m not accommodating sponsors yet either so there are no goodie bags. I like to limit the amount of people to four at a time. It is hosted at my house and the attendees bring their own beverages and cash money for us to order a take-out lunch. By the end of the workshop we are laughing and chatting, and when we look up we have gone way past the estimated time of four hours.

How To Get Involved

If you are interested in attending a future “Blogging As A Business Workshop” you can send me an email. You can also add value by sending a question about Business in Blogging if you are interested in contributing to the upliftment of our industry.

With Love and Gratitude,



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